Exploring Transformative Opportunities in the Intercultural Spaces of Indigenous Education – Dr David Spillman (2018)

Aboriginal culture is not a problem. The way we talk about it is – Scott Gorringe (The Guardian 15/05/2015)

Deficit Discourse and Strengths-based Approaches – William Fogarty, Melissa Lovell, Juleigh Langenberg and Mary-Jane Heron (The Lowitja Institute & National Centre for Indigenous Studies, 2018)

Ditching deficit thinking: Changing to a culture of high expectations – Lisa Waller (Issues in Educational Research, 2017)

Deficit Discourse in Indigenous Education – Presenters: Ben Wilson, Dr Bill Fogarty, Prof Michael Dodson AM, Scott Gorringe, Dr Lisa Waller & Dr Kerry McCallum (AIATSIS 21/03/2017)

High Expectations Relationships Position Paper – Stronger Smarter Institute (2014)

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