About Leading with Strength

SN_Registered_ARTLeading with Strength is a proud Indigenous organisation that delivers professional learning programs across Australia. Our clients include education, government departments, corporate entities and community & not-for-profit organisations. We have established an outstanding reputation and track record in supporting people to build robust organisational cultures that enable challenging conversations, counter implicit assumptions, actively engage their communities, and promote positive cultural identity and excellence in achieving their personal and organisational goals.
For over 15 years, the team at Leading with Strength have delivered programs across Australia for school leaders in Indigenous education, including working with Dr Chris Sarra to design and deliver the Stronger Smarter Leadership Programs between 2008 and 2015.
Our work is evidenced-based. Collaboration with leading researchers has proven the relationship between our program approach and delivery of transformative change in school culture (Sarra, 2011). Analysis of strength-based approaches has demonstrated the correlation between rejection of deficit discourses and improved outcomes in Indigenous education (Fogarty et al 2018)
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