Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach is crafted to respond to complex challenges inherent in improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Our processes support Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders and communities to understand the ‘toxic stench of low expectations’ (Sarra 2015) and the deficit discourse which represents Aboriginal identity in a narrative of negativity, deficiency and disempowerment and is at the heart of assumptions that constrain achievement for Indigenous people.

In a safe learning environment, we support participants to become aware of their own implicit biases, assumptions and behaviours and build their capacity to move beyond these constraints and reset relationships that are fundamental to learning and embed a high expectations pedagogy and approach. In doing so, enhancing leadership capacity, challenging perceptions and contributing to a critical mass creating a positive cultural change in schools, workplaces and communities across Australia.


We are committed to working closely with our clients to co-create professional learning programs that are based on strength-based approaches which focus on abilities, knowledge and capacities, rather than deficits and what is wrong or lacking and include Indigenous pedagogies and perspectives which promote innovative strengths- based approaches to working with people in a positive, collaborative manner.

Central to our approach are the Stronger Smarter® philosophy and Engoori® a Mithaka-Tjimpa strengths-based conversational process, both of which include the logic and practices of high-expectations relationships.

Our activities are experiential with the use of conversational processes, videos, group discussions, group activities and short presentations. Real life applications in the workplace or community setting and follow up support and presentations are integrated into our programs.

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